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Unreliable History

Imagine an exotic location, place one’s protagonists in that location, test them through a series of fights, a few of which they will lose and have to face the consequences thereof, introduce some factions and potential allies, end with a bang.

‘Game Like Conan’


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    There is an unusually good market today for the well written story […]
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    “King of Pictland!” she cried, “King of fools! … Run, fool, run! […]
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    Hordi Raven struck a blow that was intended to sever Cormac’s shoulder […]
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    A society in which the KKK might not be the worst option […]
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    There are no knights, there is no chivalry, there are only milites. […]
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    Bunker Hill is old town, lost town, shabby town, crook town. And […]

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